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Digital Dogs Casting specializes in casting all forms of International media projects including Feature films, commercials, Web Only, Print, cross marketing, Video Game, Real People campaigns and has a keen eye for beauty (models) who can act!


"Real People" casting experience in the following countries (selective): Brazil, France, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Holland, Africa, Germany, United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, India, and The Cook Islands.


Feature Films



Our commercial campaigns, feature films, and TV projects have won numerous awards. We pride ourselves on finding the absolute best talent required for the spot whether it's "real people" or professional performers.


Digital Dogs is best known for its unique, award-winning campaigns and a flair for blending improv and witty dialogue with performance-driven spots!


Digital Dogs Casting is a boutique feature film & commercial casting company. Robert Jr began his career casting feature films primarily for Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg, and Ron Howard, but after crossing paths with Steve Jobs in the film world, Robert Jr began extensively casting Apple’s high profile World Wide product launches including the first iMac, iBook, Power Mac G4, Mac OS X, and iPod campaigns and has gone on to cast 1000’s of commercials, Film and TV projects. 

Selected Celebrity campaigns: Kellogg’s Corn Flakes with Jane Lynch, Levi’s with Joel McHale, The Grammys with Justin Timberlake, Washington Mutual with Don Lake, Sprite with Tyrese, Jimmy Dean Celebrity Sun Campaigns, AT&T with Jordan Sparks, Expedia with Molly Shannon, American Express with Ellen DeGeneres, Ice Breakers with Hilary and Hailey Duff, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes with Don Lake, US Cellular with Joan Cusack, Bud Light with Cedric the Entertainer, and Capital One with David Spade.



PO Box 48229 

Los Angeles, California 90048


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